30 May 2011


My golden rule in shopping has always been: don't be tempted by the trendy revisited version of something, but wait and get the original. This time, I must admit, I yield to the temptation. Last week-end I was in Paris, the sun was shining, hence the 'need' for an Audrey-style pair of sunglasses was even stronger and my choice went for the CÉLINE Audrey Sunglasses. Small model and black colour, to be precise.

I was on my way to the Roland Garros, but I managed to stop for no more than 20 minutes at Le Bon Marché, and that was enough. My parents stared at me in disbelief as they soon realised that my suggestion to get an hotel near the area Sèvres-Babylone was not that innocent.

My relationship with sunglasses has always been controversial, also because I (used to) don't like wearing dark shades when talking to other people. But it's easy to change my mind when there is a beautiful object inspired by Audrey Hepburn and created by Phoebe Philo.

They have a classic and sophisticated design that goes with anything, but there are two things that I particularly like about them: they are inspired by the original Oliver Goldsmith's Manhattan worn by Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's but revisited in a more modern style, and they are extremely difficult to get because of their limited number. Once again, the formula beauty and...ehm...'rarity' won me over.

In any case, I'll soon pay a visit to Mr. Goldsmith's boutique in Notting Hill as I may feel the need for a pair in dark tortoiseshell.


  1. I had a sort of obssession for Audrey Hepburn and the movie breakfast at Tiffany’s..
    Sometimes I even identify myself with the character Holly Golithly.. improperly as my best friend often reminds me by pointing out that nobody pays me 50 dollars to go to the rest room!
    Anyway.. finally I found out the label of her sunglasses.. I’ve always thought they were a rayban’s model.. poor me! I need to learn a lot and this blog seems to be the right address for improving my limited knowledge of fashion…

  2. Cassandra, maybe we should go to London together and pay a visit to Oliver Goldsmith...

  3. My relationship with sunglasses is also controversial as most of the time I use them as a headband.

    ...I also confess I have a slight Audrey obsession.

  4. @Jess - No worries, Audrey-related obsessions are not a problem, but a positive sign...

  5. I just got the small audrey today and I want to cry I want the large ones so bad but don't know where you could go to maybe ask someone if they will trade me haha?

    1. I will buy the larges and trade you for smalls. I can't find small anywhere!

  6. I have the small version and I love them! If you want a larger version (and I also wanted that...), I would go for the Oliver Goldsmith's Manhattan.