01 July 2011


Every month the online edition of Vogue UK hosts a blog of a different girl showing what she's wearing every day for a month. So far, I followed with some interest only the ones by Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Charlotte Dellal, but as of today, I'll have a new addition to my daily reader routine because the monthly muse is Joan Burstein.

Mrs B is the founder of Browns, one of the best boutiques of London (subscribe to its newsletter is a must), and in her long career she has always been at the forefront of fashion trends as well as a great talent scout for new designers. Style has nothing to do with the age, and for once we will have the chance to see the daily looks of a real lady.


  1. Carramba che sorpresa01 July, 2011 16:19

    ah - I followed the link, and I could immediately see why you like her...

  2. @Carramba - Can you kindly explain me why? I didn't get it. VSP

  3. I know i followed it avidly - i was in Browns once and she smiled at me and described my outfit as stunning absolutely stunning - i cannot tell you how chuffed i was - she is an unbelievably stylish women - one of my absolute idols - and yes i loooove Browns too xx