05 October 2011

When Roger Met Goya

I've been working and traveling (for work) a lot in the last weeks, and unfortunately my hectic schedule hasn't give me a lot of time to indulge in the beautiful collections seen at Paris Fashion Week nor to write about my favourite looks from CĂ©line, Balenciaga and Carven (just to name a few as the list could be very long). However, during my peregrinations, I was indeed very lucky to spend a couple of days in a very sunny Madrid.

While there, I was carried away by the many lovely boutiques around the Chueca district and the excellent food (I'm writing a post about it...), but what actually amused me the most was a sudden realisation I had while visiting El Prado Museum. I was wandering in the part of the museum dedicated to Francisco de Goya y Lucientes when I stopped to contemplate one of his marvellous paintings. It is beautiful I know, but what actually amazed me was a very familiar feeling I got looking at Carlos IV’s family...

And I felt the same in front of this joyful dance...

After admiring the remaining 118 Goya creations exhibited at the Prado, I finally understood it. Do you get it too? OK, let me give you a little help...


The whole Spanish Royal Family and the jubilant dancers wore black patent leather Belle Vivier! 

OK, maybe it's just me thinking a little bit too much about Roger Vivier, dreaming about its beautiful red patent leather pumps and reading reports of “a vibrant and richly textured African-themed collection” for SS 2012 by WWD

Image sources: Museo Nacional del Prado and The Luxe Chronicles


  1. Oh i just cant stop smiling - now that is what i call a true fashion mind - love it xx


  2. ah! good to hear back from you! and thank you, you really made me laugh. I think fashion and frank before me couldn't say it better: you're a true fashion mind ;-)

  3. fashion and frank said it best - a true fashion mind.

  4. Ooooo you too dream of that gorgeous number from Roger Vivier?? Hard to find his items in Chicago but he is fabulous! So glad to see these pieces, Goya was a genius! Hope you'll be at home for a while, we've missed you :D

  5. Good eye, I literally kept going back to look at those paintings. I want to share this with someone. Thanks for posting.

    Liz Lizo

  6. such detailed paintings....never knew about him before but glad that got to know from your post!!


  7. You made me smile ear to ear! What an eye for detail! So many times I looked at the paintings before, but never ever ever in my life thought of the shoes... Absolutely brilliant! x

  8. I think being able to hanging in sunning madrid is wonderful "consolation" from the madness of pfw. I'm jealous already!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    playing tall poppy

  9. I could have looked at the paintings for hours and that idea wouldn't have popped into my mind, although I pay a great deal of attention to details. :)

  10. hahahaha. Seriously! I also cannot stop smiling! Absolutely brilliant!

  11. I just love Roger Vivier..Great post!
    Following,would you like to follow me back?


  12. You've put a really big smile on our faces !!!
    That's fashion haha !
    We are glad you had sunny days while visiting Madrid :)

    Love from London Wishes

    Caith and Eva


  13. I've always wanted to see that collection in person. As a fashion fanatic and former art history major, I am beyond jealous!

    Kara of

  14. Safe travels to you, and I am always glad to hear from you! I agree with your mentality that one should buy better quality pieces, even if it is less, more isn't always better. It's definitely a different mentality in the US, we live in excess, we buy more than we need, we consume more than we need...I need be better about that!

  15. I love this museum! my favorite one from the entire exposition is the gernica, from picasso :)


  16. wow that's pretty cool!!

    xx from hong kong :)

  17. I would love to go to Spain and see the paintings in that museum.

    I've just made a post of my new collection, check it out and tell me what do you think!!


  18. I wish I could be there!!!^^



  19. Lol. I love how you linked it all together. Such is the sign of a TRUE fashionista!

  20. These paintings are gorgeous. Hehe, love how you picked up on the shoes they're wearing!

  21. I wish more designers were inspired by old clothing! Love that you picked up on this. :)

  22. please,this is too much!!!!

  23. That is sooooooo funny!!!!
    with a terrible delay i know, but I have been so busy recently with my exams... but i have followed your advice during my one-day trip to paris which I have litterally spent in RV boutique, until i have been forced to the door by the shop assistants at around 7 p.m., so insensitive!!!! but not with my hands empty, eh eh eh
    baci cara

  24. Thank you all for the very nice words! Glad to hear that they made you smile...