26 July 2011

Summer Time

Finally the long-awaited summer break has arrived. And I'll try to make the best use of this week in Italy to lay on a beach and find new material for the blog...

23 July 2011

The Day After SBSR With A Friend

This was the day (or should I say few hours) after the concert, taking a stroll in Praça do Comércio. I didn't take off my CÉLINE Audrey sunglasses for the entire day. I was still in a Julian Casablancas' mood, minus the dirty hair and  the leather jacket.

Petit Bateau white cotton top, H&M cipria lyocell and cotton shorts
Menabò Orvieto necklace, SUD cotton scarf, Vanessa Bruno anthracite Cabas bag
Pierre Hardy for Gap brown leather sandals

21 July 2011


So came the day of my first summer rock festival and I loved it. OK, I did it my way, i.e. no camping on the festival site having decided to be based in a boutique hotel in downtown Lisbon after the last minute cancellation of a dear friend, who was convinced that the experience had to include camping to be closer to the nature. Believe me, I still felt very close to it given the fact that we spent 12 hours on a beach, five of which seated on the sand to keep our strategic position near the stage...

I was head-to-toe in H&M Conscious and Garden collections, but I did indulge on the accessories: a mini and less delicate version of the bird and a couple of bangles. A special mention to my Lanvin ballerina flats: they were very close to the end of their glorious life and I decided that they would deserve a rock'n roll farewell. The minute I arrived at the festival site, they were covered and inundated by the sand, but also extremely happy to leave this world hearing Julian Casablancas singing You Only Live Once.

Next: Reading festival in August.

H&M's Conscious collection off-white cotton t-shirt
H&M's Garden collection light brown linen short
Necklace, bone bangles
Icon ecru canvas bag, Lanvin purple fabric ballerina flats

18 July 2011

A Red & Taupe Day

Clearly these pics are not from the Super Bock Super Rock festival (not enough sand around...), but I took them last week-end when I was in my beautiful hometown. You might recognise one of my conquests from the sales...

Rue Blanche red silk and cotton top,  Comptoir des Cotonniers taupe polyester skirt
Vanessa Bruno anthracite Cabas bag, Hogan red and purple satin flats

15 July 2011

Hard To Explain

It seemed only yesterday that I was writing a post* about my weird decision to go to rock festivals this summer. Maybe there is no better way to describe it than to quote the homonymous song by The Strokes, the band that will play on Saturday. I'm about to go to the airport to catch my flight to Lisbon. I'll see you, or better, you'll see my outfits in a few days...

* You might remember that in the same post I declared my love for white t-shirts and complained about the shocking prices of some of them. Well, yesterday's article on Vogue US sadly confirmed this unjustified trend...

13 July 2011

A Wedding Day With A Friend

The first wedding of the season was the perfect occasion to wear my lovely bird and show the look of another stylish friend...
Chloé dress, Shourouk Metal Jicky necklace, gold bangles
YSL black patent leather Y-Mail clutch, Hogan sandals

12 July 2011

Flower Attitude

An outfit doesn't stop at your clothes. There are other elements of it more subtle, and yet more revealing about your personality and mood. Perfume is definitely one of them. If you think about it, you say that you wear a perfume, not that you 'apply' it.

It was my mom who once asked me how could I be so into fashion & style and yet how could I neglect that component. Actually I was not, I just couldn't find a perfume that would suit me and I must say it took me quite a long time to find it. The presence of a great place in Brussels like Senteurs d'Alleurs helped me a lot in my quest. Here are some of my favourites...

10 July 2011

A Canvas Bag Day

I love canvas bags and this one is from the 2008 Marni's project "In a World of My Own" to raise money for children’s educational programmes in Asia and South America. The children were asked to envision themselves in a make-believe world and paint what they saw onto the bags. An inspiring collaboration.

Uniqlo blue linen jacket, COS white top
7 For All Mankind jeans, jade bracelets, Marni canvas bag
Roger Vivier violet patent leather Chips flats

08 July 2011

Coup De Coeur

I still remember the expression on my husband's face when I told him that I wanted the flats that the Christian Louboutin's shop assistant was wearing. He is very used to hearing me saying things like that. I often stop in the middle of the street to stare at random girls sporting something that catches my attention, and when I go into a shop I'm eagerly interested in clothes examined by other customers, and so on and so forth.

So, at the beginning, he just rolled his eyes. When he realised that the shoes in question was a pair of studded Big Kiss flats in turquoise suede leather, his reply was: "They are perfect if you have an audition with The Kiss to become their triangle player". Clearly, he doesn't understand the charm of the red-lacquered soles. But I do. Only the outrageous price stopped me from buying them, but I've been thinking about them ever since...

So let me dream a little bit longer with the all-dark version of the Pigalle Spike flats. Edgily stylish and definitely more wearable than the ones with the silver studs...Don't you think?



Source pictures: Matches Fashion

06 July 2011

Here Come The Sales...

A month ago I did a pre-sale tour, and last week-end I 'had' to come back to complete the mission...

And these are the conquests of my first* sales' round...

04 July 2011

To Start The Week Well

I think I made my love for Roger Vivier's world very clear. So, imagine my happiness when I read the article Roger Vivier to Launch an E-Boutique, but with a Twist by Vogue US' Mark Holgate. I knew that my favourite shoe brand would do this in an original way.

The e-boutique "will sell only special unused and unworn archival pieces, with additions made each and every month, and absolutely nothing from the current collection. [...] And for another, it’s entirely reflective of what “new” means in this day and age, when we can download music from any era from iTunes, or instantly watch old movies on Netflix—the past can also be current.”

It will be launched in September, 58 days to go...

03 July 2011


During my shopping spree in Viareggio, I bought a couple of hats, which - according the NET-A-PORTER Bloggers' Issue - were essential elements of the blogger's kit...This one by the Italian label Bettina - a small millinery house based in Florence - is one of the new entries...

01 July 2011


Every month the online edition of Vogue UK hosts a blog of a different girl showing what she's wearing every day for a month. So far, I followed with some interest only the ones by Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Charlotte Dellal, but as of today, I'll have a new addition to my daily reader routine because the monthly muse is Joan Burstein.

Mrs B is the founder of Browns, one of the best boutiques of London (subscribe to its newsletter is a must), and in her long career she has always been at the forefront of fashion trends as well as a great talent scout for new designers. Style has nothing to do with the age, and for once we will have the chance to see the daily looks of a real lady.