31 October 2011

A Day In Transit

Do not worry, I won't bore you again talking about how much I love this cape...so please don't go away.

Rue Blanche navy cape, Uniqlo camel cachemire jumper, silk scarf
Vanessa Bruno skinny jeans, Meli' Melo' BB bag, Church's Burwood brogues

This time I would like to talk about another key piece of my wardrobe: the furry coat I lent to the guy in the background and the Meli' Melo' BB bag.

This label, created in 2004 by the Italian-born London-based Melissa Del Bono, offers a real 'made in Italy' selection of purses: all materials comes from Italy and the production is based there, which is a real rarity. The BB bag has a very distinctive feature: its 'inverted handles' that creates an original and practical way to carry the bag. Another plus is the fact that the BB is one of lightest bags I've ever had, a characteristic I always value since I'm a champion at the filling-the-bag-with-useless-stuff sport. Available at Net-A-Porter, it is the perfect travel companion by day and by night.

28 October 2011


When I saw this news on Style Bubble this morning, I couldn't contain my joy..."[...] here just to congratulate Topshop and Mary Katrantzou for going the whole nine yards and putting out a collaboration that is about as close to her mainline as one could possibly get.  In short, this is really the peak of high-low collaborations when both parties can push it as far as they possibly can.  This dress will cost £350 and considering Katrantzou's demi-couture five figure prices for her more embellished pieces, I consider that sum paltry indeed.  For those that need a bit more umming and aaahing time, the collection, which will consist of fourteen pieces, won't be dropping until February next year so the saving can hopefully start now..."

Thank you Susie and thank you Topshop!

That's the best way to start a week-end, which is going to be 'full of fashion'. If you live in Belgium, I would highly recommend to come to Brussels for Parcours Modo, a sort of 'fashion night out marathon' during which more than seventy designers will gather and expose their installations in the city center. I wish you all a great w-e!

Image source: Style Bubble

25 October 2011

Remember It?

First, a little glimpse of what has been my object of desire for the last three months...

22 October 2011

The Bird Has Got A Little Friend

If you have been following this blog, I think you have sensed my obsession passion for costume jewelry, and for a particular necklace I got this year. The bird is so very different from any of my other pieces. Before getting my eyes on it, I've never thought I would wear Swarovski crystals.

I've already tried to extend my bird family last June, when I spotted the perfect friend in the shape of another Shourouk creation, but my lovely husband stopped my charitable act. Anyway, last Sunday I was at the flea market of the Marolle in Brussels. Usually I just walk around wondering how people manage to find things in that chaotic car boot maelstrom lively and colourful gathering of spontaneous antiques traders. Then a carpet full of necklaces captured my attention.


Did I go for the vintage Chanel belt? Of course not. I went for the lovely chain with a small bird in the cage that the owner of the 'shop' was wearing...


It was love at the first sight and when asked if she had another piece like that, she cheerfully said that it was 'on the market': when she arrived that morning she realised that she was wearing nothing around her neck, she picked up the first thing from her (vast) selection...So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the bird's little friend.

19 October 2011

My First Day Of Autumn

To be honest, I couldn't wait to start wearing some warm clothes.

Aquascutum raincoat, light yellow wool jumper, Shourouk Metal Jicky necklace
Carven olive pleated-front cotton-blend skirt, Lanvin bag, Tod's grey pumps

16 October 2011

Madrid, Olé!

As anticipated in a previous post, a recent work trip brought me to visit the beautiful and, at the time, very warm Madrid. This was not my first Spanish experience. For a (too) short period of my life I had the pleasure of living in Salamanca, enjoying very much the Spanish laid-back lifestyle and Zara clothes at ridiculously low prices; however, I never did a proper tour of the capital. Having already mentioned my visit at El Prado Museum, I can now share with you the less 'artistic' but equally interesting places I've discovered walking through this fascinating city.

12 October 2011

Tomorrow I'm Going To H&M...

Back in April, I bought several items of the H&M Conscious Collection (which helped me surviving a summer rock festival in style), but I wasn't aware that there was a second one for the autumn. Actually, I was on the H&M website, looking for a sneak peak of the Versace collaboration (not that I'm excited about it...) and I wasn't planning another post on a capsule collection, until I stumbled upon these images. As noted by Fashionologie, "For its second season, H&M's Conscious Collection goes ladylike and bold with eco-minded separates in decidedly nongranola styles". Made me think of Erdem floral pattern. Made me think that I should go to H&M tomorrow.

Image sources: Nitrolicious and Fashionologie

10 October 2011

Nordic Entry In My Wish-List

I'm usually sceptical when I hear of collaborations between 'celebrities' and fashion brands or capsule collections launched by actors/models because I'm of the opinion that it is not enough to have great sense of style or love for fashion to design clothes. Having said that, there are of course some exceptions. The first that springs to my mind is the beautiful Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton bag (possibly one of the few LV bags I put my eyes on). And I think that today I've found another 'exception' for my never-ending wish-list. 

I was very curious to see the new fashion adventure of Elin Kling of Style by Kling because I'm a fan of her blog in which she presents her chic and sleek looks. And I was not disappointed. Nowhere is actually designed by the very talented Nhu Duong  and, as recently reported by Vogue US, it "offers up the type of effortless wardrobe basics with a chic, polished edge offers up the type of effortless wardrobe basics with a chic, polished edge". Currently available on Nelly.com, as I have a soft spot for chic basics, I would love to offer a comfortable place in my wardrobe to the purple Nereus jumper, the Dike trousers, the black Caligo dress and the navy Nike jumper. There is plenty of room for these Nowhere pieces...


05 October 2011

When Roger Met Goya

I've been working and traveling (for work) a lot in the last weeks, and unfortunately my hectic schedule hasn't give me a lot of time to indulge in the beautiful collections seen at Paris Fashion Week nor to write about my favourite looks from Céline, Balenciaga and Carven (just to name a few as the list could be very long). However, during my peregrinations, I was indeed very lucky to spend a couple of days in a very sunny Madrid.

While there, I was carried away by the many lovely boutiques around the Chueca district and the excellent food (I'm writing a post about it...), but what actually amused me the most was a sudden realisation I had while visiting El Prado Museum. I was wandering in the part of the museum dedicated to Francisco de Goya y Lucientes when I stopped to contemplate one of his marvellous paintings. It is beautiful I know, but what actually amazed me was a very familiar feeling I got looking at Carlos IV’s family...