28 December 2011

Under My Christmas Tree

I hope you had a great week-end of celebrations and I would like to thank you all for the nice wishes! As for me, I had a merry 'green' Christmas thanks to the beautiful CÉLINE Cabas in lambskin army green from the Spring 2012 collection...Father Christmas might be one of my followers since  I expressed my love for the vertical model in a previous post. The sleek shape of the bag makes it very practical yet chic (I'm thinking about folding it to wear it as a clutch) and the leather is super soft.

So, dear Santa, since you could be reading it, be aware that I'll soon write a post about jewelry, please keep it in mind for next year...

22 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

I'm about to start my Christmas holidays and I'll be off for the next three weeks (please read this sentence imagining a cry for joy in the background...). During this period, I'm not sure how often I'll manage to update my blog and check on your lovely posts, but I'll catch up as soon as I can. 2011 has been very special for me as back in May/June I started this little blog and I really want to thank you all for your support. The adventure will continue in 2012 and I would like to wish you all the best for the festive season!

16 December 2011

Holding Tight(s)

If you look at the outfit description, you might wonder why I included the details of my tights. Well, if I don't talk about them during the cold (and windy) season, I could miss my chance to ever mention this item in my posts. I think that tights are often (and wrongly) considered a sort of secondary accessory. I've always paid a lot of attention to it considering that they can spoil an otherwise perfect look (am I using the right colour, the right number of dens, are they too sheer or, even worst, too shiny?).

Uniqlo +J Wool Navy Down Short Parka, Just in Case cotton printed skirt,
Falke pure matt 100 den anthracite, Repetto patent blue Richelieu Nicolai
Balenciaga Part Time green

As blogs are supposed to be narcissist outlets to give suggestions, here are my favourite brands in terms of quality and style (opaque, please): Falke and (yep) the basic stockings at Zara. I left out the Wolford on purpose because, even if their incredible beauty might justify their price tags, I would choose them only for very special occasions. If you really feel the urge to style your shoes with short socks try Antipast or Gallo, but my personal view is that nude/white anklets should be banned from any wardrobe. Not even the most beautiful sandals might justify this fashion atrocity.

13 December 2011

Fashion-Forward Wish

Given the fact that just a couple of months ago I wrote a post criticising the 'speed of fashion', I shouldn't be wishing to get my hands on these beautiful Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2012 jumpers. My only excuse is that right now I can picture myself wearing the one with that adorable owl, half tucked-in in a wool pencil skirt. Pretty much like the model, but I would replace that questionable pair of shoes (what are they, ugly cousins of the ankle boot?!) with a pair of simple suede pumps or patent leather Roger Viviers, plus a big smile on my face (how could she have such a tough gaze when she's sporting that owl?!).

Any ideas of when the collection is going to be available? Thank you in advance for helping to foment my obsession.

Images source: Vogue US

09 December 2011

Studded Part II - The Conquer

After weeks of 'digital stalking' on the Zara website (because I later found out that sometimes they restock certain popular items...), my studded mission was accomplished and the biker ankle boots have been warmly welcomed in my wardrobe. No, not by my lovely husband, who is convinced that I'm trying to channel the style of Fonzie's young nephew, Raymond 'Spike' Fonzarelli. I can handle the comparison with Chewbacca, but with a minor character of Happy Days absolutely not.

COS black wool coat, Just in Case grey wool jumper, Menabò Orvieto necklace
Uniqlo +J beige wool skirt, Zara biker ankle boots

06 December 2011

Beautiful Minerals

I rarely use foundation and often struggle to find a product that would guarantee that invisible yet perfectly polished effect. When I saw a make-up video post by the lovely Norwegian blogger Polliani in which she used Bare Minerals's ORIGINAL SPF 15 FoundationI thought I might have found what I was looking for. I did some online search and even found an interesting FT article about the magic of the 'invisible foundations'. If even an ultra specialized make-up magazine like the Financial Times talks about it then it must be true. All I needed was just a trip to London to visit the Bare Minerals stand at Selfridges*, and being advised on the right shade et voilà...

Because of the powdery texture of the products, you need some practice at the beginning (yes, I did watch the how-to DVD with a certain interest and it helped a lot), but after few days you will be a pro and you will enjoy the lighweight texture of a foundation that is 100% natural and stays on all day long. I got so carried away that I bought the Get Started Kit: now I religiously apply Prime Time Foundation Primer, the ORIGINAL SPF 15 Foundation, followed by the Warmth All-Over Face Color and a final touch of Original Mineral Veil every day. And my face couldn't be happier of my new routine.

* Per i miei lettori italiani, questi prodotti sono disponibili da Sephora.

02 December 2011

Musing On Conical Hats And Regal Necklaces

Inspired by the cone-head hat seen in one of the few images of the Marni for H&M collaboration, I felt the urge to get one for the winter season. And Zara surprised me with this nice light grey angora piece. My fascination with conical hats started few years ago. Again blame Marni and a red creation from its SS 2008 collection for this. It's not an easy design to wear, but I find the shape so elegant.

Zara light grey angora hat, Zara red jersey dress, Les Précieuses Richelieu necklace
Rue Blanche navy cape, Repetto patent blue Richelieu Nicolai