31 January 2012

With All My Heart

Browsing through the Colette's February newsletter that was waiting in my inbox to brighten up this awfully busy week, I've never thought I would be longing for a heart-shaped ring, until I saw this Jordan Askill creation. When it comes to fine jewelry, I do prefer antique pieces or simple designs that can be worn every day. Just like this one.


No worries, I will not start a Valentine's Day countdown. As for presents, being a firm believer in spontaneous surprises, any day of the year will do. I'm looking in your direction Mr. Not Just A Pretty Dress.

Images source: Colette

28 January 2012

A Relaxing Day

Keeping it casual during the week-end, there are no better t-shirts than the basic Petit Bateau. I loved the capsule collection with 10 Corso Como - one of my favourite concept stores ever - and this piece gives me the chance to style black & blue combination with great nonchalance.

10 Corso Como Petit Bateau cotton t-shirt
COS black cotton skirt, Zara biker ankle boots

25 January 2012


Hopefully not. My new pair of Veja has less than three months and I'm not sure how my adorable husband would react to a pair of training shoes concealing a heel of 9 cm - let's be honest, trainers and heels/wedge should never appear in the same sentence. Anyway, the Isabel Marant sneakers (and their imitations) have been invading the streets and the blogsphere for many months. My initial reaction was of a firm rejection because I'm generally against the idea of sporty items becoming 'couture' (both in terms of outfit match and price tag). However, while browsing on Peep My Style, I found myself staring at the off-white Betty suede sneakers for way too long and thinking about possible styling for them...

I might sound very last season given the fact that this was the first model to hit the street and it  has already been replaced on the 'must-have-sneakers-list' by the Willow, which in no way could seriously tempt me unless I decide to join a Voltron robot fan club. However, I'm curious to know if I'm the only one still undecided about them (apparently I am not alone since Erica from Blue is in Fashion this Year wrote a post about it yesterday and *update* Paola from The PvdH Journal precisely when I published mine and *newer update* My Styleadvisor shortly afterwords...is this blogging-telepathy?!).

I know, I should rather stick to my wish-list and save for personal dream-shoes like the Valentino Rockstud leather ballet flats or the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats (in leopard print) instead of fantasizing in front of random pictures...

Image source: Peep My Style

22 January 2012


I recently added two new entries to my favourite skincare products. The first one is Embryolisse's Lait-Crème Concentré. I first read about it in the Vogue Paris December 2007 /January 2008 issue dedicated to Charlotte Gaisbourg, but I managed to get this moisturiser only recently. When I tried it on I thought it would not be enough to protect my skin from the hostile Belgian winter, as I found the texture too fluid. I was completely wrong: it is one of the best day cream I have ever tried as it nourishes and smooths my sensitive mixed skin while being extremely lightweight. The amazing aspect is the price: now I have a fresh-looking skin and something in common with mademoiselle Gainsbourg - one of the French ladies I admire the most - for just 17 Euros.

The second entry is the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I have never had a night product before and I wanted to try something different in my beauty routine. When I applied it, I immediately felt my skin softened and replenished, even before the supposed regeneration that happens during the night. Another thing that I really liked about it is the smell that makes me in a very good mood as soon as I open the small blue bottle, and I'm sure it is because of the lavender in the oil mix.

So here are my new favourites, and, to foment my obsession for anything Frenchy, I have a question for you, dear readers: have you ever tried Christophe Robin's antioxidant cleansing milk with 4 oils and blueberry? Apparently, it's one of the best products for coloured hair, but before investing (that's the right word given the price tag) in a shampoo, I would love to hear from you...merci!

18 January 2012

Sales From Head To Toe

I've already declared my love for winter sales in a previous post in which I gave a detailed account of my raid at the COS online store. Unfortunately, I had to return the red trousers as they were far too short and the unintended final effect was a questionable 'flooded home' style. Far from being discouraged by this mild set back, I continued the pillaging of my favourite stores and this is part of my conquests...

Rue Blanche taupe dress, Les Précieuses necklace
Roger Vivier Prismick suede ballerinas

I think that the beauty of this dress is in the cuts, which create the perfect fit and make it so wearable. Regarding the shoes, honestly I've never thought I would be tempted by a multi-coloured pair, but when my very fashionable sister-in-law told me to consider them anyway, I must admit it was 'love at first try' and they will certainly add a quirky touch to my ensembles.

As for the necklace, I love the geometric and minimalistic design. And the 'surprise element': which side you prefer?


I would like to conclude this post by thanking the authors of two of my dearest daily readings: Yasumi from Worship at the House of Blues, a place of endless inspiration and creativity, for the nice words she wrote about my blog; and Ada from Classiq, a beautiful blog about style, fashion and amazing reviews of classic movies, for featuring me in her Chic Files. Thank you so much!

16 January 2012

(Back To) A Working Day

Going back to work after three weeks off (and on a typical Brussels grey day) can be quite traumatic. Better to do it in style.

Just in Case grey wool jumper, Marni tan silk top with coal sash
Carven olive pleated-front cotton-blend skirt
Roger Vivier black patent leather Belle Vivier
Pierre Hardy black patent leather and canvas bag

13 January 2012

COS I Love The Sales

Even if I already had my successful round of sales (getting some beautiful items I was carefully 'stalking' since the beginning of the season, more to come on the subject), I couldn't resist to check the COS online sales. If there is one item that is kind of missing in my wardrobe are trousers and I found great bargains in the stylish shapes of the crimson slim fit silk trousers and the dark grey cashmere wool trousers.


Then, I felt into the trick, "If you like this, you might love these" and I indeed loved the angora jumper and silk stretch shirt. I definitely have too much love for fashion. Better to turn the laptop off. I wish a great week-end to everyone (and if you have time have a look at the COS website, there are some great pieces e fanno la consegna anche in Italia)!


11 January 2012

It's All In The Wrist

I know, the arm party trend is so 2011. When it comes to costume jewelry, I definitely favour necklaces (and if you have been following this blog you know that my motto is "the bigger, the better"). Furthermore, even when I see a trend that I really like, I prefer to wait until I find my way of interpret it. So, after almost six months from an inspiring man repelling post, here is my much minimalist contribution to the 'wrist cause', courtesy of family and friends.

From the bottom to the top: Helena Rohner in silver (similiar here), Aguamarina in hardstones, Cartier 'Love' in yellow gold, and PERMIRRA with a tiny brass bell. Sooner or later, I'll add the nOir dinosaur so Leandra could be proud of me.

08 January 2012

Art On Scarf

Yesterday I passed by the Christophe Coppens boutique in Brussels - a talented Belgian designer who is very well known for his creative accessories - when a beautiful object captured my attention. At first, I thought it was a textile panel, but it turned out to be an original and super soft wool & silk scarf. An extra bonus is the fact that the "Queen jacquard scarf" is currently on sale. Great around your neck, even better hanging on a wall to decorate your home.

Images source: Christophe Coppens

06 January 2012

New Air

Until recently, I was convinced that my next perfume would have been Portrait of a Lady by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, a rich bouquet of oriental roses with spicy tones of patchouli. Unfortunately, when I tried it on, it didn't work very well on my skin as it turned out to be a little bit too sweet (the review of my adorable husband was: "It is so sweet it could produce nose cavities...") and feminine for my taste. However, my brother helped me satisfying my nasal craving for roses when he gave me a beautiful present: Eau Particulière by Diptyque.

Created by Olivier Pescheux to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Diptyque, this fragrance is conceived as a body and home spray, and it is the perfect to be worn during the day. The 'evolution' of the scent is what amazed me: at the beginning it is full of green tones, then you find a light and wonderful rose, and it finishes with a gentle touch of musk. Not sure why, but it made me think of a feminine version of Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon's, which is one of my all-time favourites perfumes.

In Italy we say "anno nuovo, vita nuova", i.e. New Year, new life. As for me, 2012 started with a new parfume...

03 January 2012


First of all, I wish you a wonderful New Year! I'm still 'on holidays mode', but I finally found the time to write the first post of 2012. Since we are in the middle of the winter, this is the right time to talk about one of my favourite coats: the 'S MaxMara 'Cube'. These lighweight downs are composed of various detachable elements, which is a big plus since it allows you to style them in many different ways. Personally, I chose the reversible Novef long belted jacket: the bronze shade is an original 'neutral' and this coat is great to wear both with casual and very formal ensembles, avoiding the dreadful 'Michelin man look'.

'S MaxMara Novef bronze long belted jacket, Lanvin bag
Church's Martina black leather riding boots

This image was taken in Paris, a week before Christmas. I was there on a Goyard mission: I know it is difficult to believe, but it was not directly for my benefit as I was buying a green Saint Louis for my mom. I'm seriously tempted to get a yellow one for myself, or to borrow my mom's. Maybe indefinitely.