27 April 2012

Jewels Of Nature

In a previous post, I gave you a sneak peek of Claudia Cherubini's artistic talent. This week I finally managed to go through the pictures of her creations, which we took during my Easter break in Orvieto*. When she showed me her pieces, I was not only impressed by their originality and craftsmanship, but I was fascinated to listen Claudia talking about her collections and approach to design.

For Claudia, inspiration is everywhere: in the Etruscan art (which is a fundamental part of the cultural heritage of my region) and in the nature (in its broader sense). Natural elements as well as traits of the human character are very present in Claudia's creative universe. Some of her most beautiful collections are named "Aroma" - jewels made by a wonderful mix of real spices like cinnamon and nutmeg with silver elements - and "Seven Deadly Sins" - a collection of elaborated pieces in silver and semi-precious stones through which the designer wanted to show the 'beauty' of sins.

Claudia does not have a shop because she told me that one of the most important things to keep her fantasy alive is travelling: the discovery of new places, new people and objects that can capture her imagination. Her jewels are available in several stores in Italy and abroad, but if you are interest in her current collections and in custom-made pieces, you can get in touch by sending her an email at cherubinic@gmail.com

I hope you liked my introduction to this talented friend and designer and I wish you all a wonderful week-end!

23 April 2012

On The Healing Effects Of Collars And The New York Times

First of all, I would like to thank you for the sincere, sympathetic comments on my previous post. Your kind messages made me feel much better and the Readers' Street Style section of The New York Times put a big smile on my face with the publication of my pictures here and here. You may remember that when my lovely husband saw this Marni for H&M collar for the first time, he described it as completely useless. I knew he was wrong.

Images source: The New York Times

21 April 2012

Missing In Action

Hold on to your Kleenex box because this will be a sad post. You may have noticed that this week I have not been very active on the blogsphere. Where was I? I spent countless hours between police stations, Italian consulate and Belgian immigration office reporting the outrageous theft of my beloved Vanessa Bruno's Anthracite Cabas, loyal companion of many outfit posts (here her debut on NJAPD).

I will not try to convey the sense of frustration I felt while denouncing the crime at the police station. I thought that the young policewoman I was filing my report to could sympathise with me because of the disappearance of my patent leather Roger Vivier card holder (the limited edition 'play cards' series to be precise). When she put down in her report a plain “missing card holder”, I realised she was failing to grasp the importance of the loss. This suspect was then confirmed when I had to spell B.O.T.T.E.G.A.V.E.N.E.T.A. twice as I bid farewell to my blue fish shaped coin purse, a dear present from my mother-in-law dismissed by the zealous officer as "missing coin purse".

Actually the worst part is that my camera was also there. My blog's best friend was a Panasonic LUMIX FS18 and I loved it: it was compact, made great quality pictures and was easy to carry around. The hunt for a worthy replacement is now open and I would really appreciate if you have any suggestions. Many thanks in advance and I wish you all a nice week-end!

18 April 2012

Secret Garden & Fashion Secrets

The Chloé Secret Garden print dress I'm wearing here is a personal favourite. I keep calling it my 'Japanese garden dress' because every time I look at its print, it makes me think of one of those dreamy, perfect landscapes I expect to find in Japan (even if, alas, I've never visited that country). I bought it sometimes ago during a sample sale in London advertised on Fashion Confidential (one of the best fashion newsletters I could subscribe to), which introduced me to the magic world of sample sales and, ever since, the Music Room in South Molton Lane has been the set of many adventures and too many purchases.

CÉLINE Audrey sunglasses, Chloé Secret Garden wool dress, Marni parka
Bensimon black patent leather skinny belt, Roger Vivier black patent leather Belle Vivier

The way I see it is that those beautiful pieces are on their way for an obscure destiny in a dusty warehouse never to see the daylight again. Sample sales are their last opportunity to come back to life. Can I resist to my moral obligation to rescue those little darlings? Of course not. “I will have to save as many of them as I can!” Anyway, this is what I try to tell myself while swiping my credit card at the end of every shopping session (so much for fashion and self help).

What about you? Do you have any recommendations for secret places, websites, distribution lists, anything that makes you fashionable and happy? Suggestions are warmly welcomed!

These pictures were taken on Easter day by my dad, who is the real visual artist of the family. Grazie babbo!

14 April 2012

Ring Ring

Hello! I'm back to work (sigh...) and to blogging (hurray!) after a short vacation from which I didn't come back empty handed. While in Italy enjoying the four "Fs" that rule my life - family, friends, food & fashion - I managed to meet a dear friend of mine who happens to be a very creative jewelry designer, Claudia Cherubini. Here below is the hard evidence of my catch-up with Claudia...

I will soon share a post dedicated to Claudia's beautiful creations. I wish you all a nice week-end!

10 April 2012

A Day With My Brother

One of the best things about going home is the possibility of spending time with my brother. It was not an easy task to persuade him to take some pictures together and I'm sure that he's not keen to repeat the experience anytime soon (he was a little bit puzzled about my 'natural picture' fixation...), but I'm so happy to have him as the first male guest.

On Lorenzo: Moorer trench, Superdry cotton scarf, DSquared green wool jumper 
Grifoni jeans, Paul Smith belt, Altea socks, Tod's loafers
On Caterina: Black leather jacket, Madame de la Haye printed silk scarf,
Petit Bateau white cotton tee, Uniqlo +J grey wool cardigan, Superdry jeans, Tod's loafers

06 April 2012

Blogs, Bags & Some Daydreaming

When I started my blog less than a year ago I thought that I finally found a creative outlet to talk about one of things that I like the most, fashion. I wasn't very familiar with the complex universe of social platforms, followers and 'friends', and one of the things that surprised me the most was the people I met (virtually and personally) through this digital adventure. The exchange of ideas, comments and inspirations that I have with some amazing people is what makes the experience so interesting and enjoyable.

One of these ladies is the talented American fashion designer and blogger Mary Jo Matsumoto, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to her new line of day bags. With clean and chic designs and bright colors, she created the perfect shoppers and clutches for every day wear inspired by the relaxed lifestyle of her native Southern California. My personal favorites are the Thalia Street Shopper with turquoise piping, the Trestles Shopper with neon yellow piping and the Thalia Street Clutch with turquoise piping (in the image below). I can easily picture myself sporting one of Mary Jo's creations with a light, summery outfit walking along a great Californian beach...I do love fashion daydreaming!

I'm going to take a short break to spend Easter with my family in Italy. I wish you all a great week-end and see you next week!

Image source: Mary Jo Matsumoto

03 April 2012

The Other Side (Of The Dress)

In case you were curious to see the front of the dress I was wearing in The New York Times' Readers Street Style feature, here you go. Mr. NJAPD alluded to the fact that I may bore you with my Marni for H&M outfit marathon. Please let me know if this is the case and I'll try to give a rest to my beloved pieces for at least a couple of posts...

Marni for H&M printed cotton dress, Marni for H&M red elastic belt
Roger Vivier pale pink leather flats