30 June 2012


COS white cotton top, H&M Conscious Collection skirt, Les Précieuses necklace
CÉLINE Audrey sunglasses, YSL Downtown raffia bag, Roger Vivier cipria Chips flats

No need to say how happy I am with the arrival of the summer. So I thought I would celebrate it with a long stroll in downtown Brussels and wearing my new H&M skirt from the latest Conscious Collection. Being the first sales week-end in Belgium, I did visit all my favourite shops, but - surprise surprise - I came back empty-handed. The reason for that is that every time I eyed something interesting, Mr. NJAPD made me notice that the item looked very familiar, meaning it looked identical to another one already hung in my wardrobe. I did not even yield to temptation when I found myself in front of a beautiful 3.1 Phillip Lim's Pashli bag, which was 50% off (OK, the caveat was its milky white colour that I don't find very versatile). Anyway, I feel very proud of myself and I'm sure that my upcoming Italian holidays will offer plenty of opportunities to make up for this sale failure. I hope you are enjoying a great and sunny week-end!

28 June 2012


COS cotton dress, Prada dark red patent leather belt
Relations de voyages Carré bag, Roger Vivier pale pink leather flats

I feel so 'Pan Am meeting Betty Draper Francis' in this outfit. What can I say, I do love American TV series. At the moment, I'm obsessed with Game of Thrones, but finding an "Armor, tailored right" - to quote the New York Magazine's The Cut that reviewed the best looks of the characters - is not an easy task. Therefore, I decided to go for the 60s, preppy style of this COS dress. Of course, the fact that I'm wearing azzurro - the colour of the Italian football team - on the day of the Euro 2012 semifinals is a pure coincidence.

23 June 2012


One of my  dearest friends recently moved to Shanghai and, before her departure, she gave me this wonderful present: a cushion by the French label La Cerise sur le Gâteau. I believe it looks beautiful on my Vibieffe Roses armchair and it perfectly represents my personality...OK, I don't smoke, but I would happily wear that skirt and pumps! She got it during our recent trip to Rome when we discovered the amazing decor shop, Mia - an address I highly recommend if you love interior design. In any case, you don't have to visit la città eterna to get hold of it since La Cerise sur le Gâteau is available in several countries and it has online shop

Created by textile designer Anne Hubert, this label offers a collection of cushions, bed linen, aprons and other accessories to decorate your home with a unique, quirky style. Anne's creations are made with great quality fabrics and what I love the most about them is the fun side of her design and the flashy touches. Have a look at her tea towel selection: they are so cute I would rather frame them than just using them to dry my hands/dishes.

Back to my lovely friend, by mid September I will go to visit her in Shanghai, and - if you ever had the chance to visit or live there - I would really appreciate any recommendations in terms of food, fashion and other fancies that I can pass on to her. I wish you all a great week-end and thank you in advance for your suggestions!

19 June 2012


Marni for H&M straw hat, Lanvin for H&M top, COS black cotton skirt
CÉLINE Royal Blue Horizontal Gusset Cabas, Repetto Richelieu court nelson ketchup

What I needed was just a glimpse of summer to wear another beloved birthday present, the Marni for H&M straw hat that was the only item I didn't manage to get during my capsule collection raid. I was so happy when Vogue UK selected this look for their Today I'm Wearing feature. Valentina, thank you for the present and the styling inspiration!

17 June 2012


If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you may be aware that last Friday I enjoyed a long-awaited self-birthday present: an Eve Lom Signature Facial at the Brussels' beauty paradise Senteurs d'Ailleurs. I love being pampered - facials, massages, manicures, blow-dry...you name it, I love it - so I decided to indulge myself with this famous treatment. 

Of course I knew Eve Lom Cleanser, which is often rated as one of the best skincare products on the market. I have to admit that, despite its non user-friendliness (you have to have a lot of time to apply-massage-rinse-it properly), every time I use it, I'm impressed by the result: you really feel your skin cleaner and more radiant. Well, the 1h30 Signature Facial possibly is the best facial I've ever had. I have sensitive and combination skin so what I really liked about it is the fact that the treatment is not just applying several strata of products, but it focuses on a deep cleaning of skin and pores. Sure, this is not the fun part, but if it's well done, it will guarantee an impeccable skin glow. And after the pain, it comes a long massage and the application of the wonderful Rescue Mask and Intense Hydration Serum. I have to add that the zen atmosphere of the Senteurs d'Ailleurs' Institut made the overall experience so relaxing and enjoyable.

I think this was the first time that I left a beauty spa without red marks on my face (usually I blame my sensitive skin for them...) and with a visible difference on my skin tone. It is true that both the treatments and products are quite pricey, but I'm definitely happy with my birthday 'investment' and I'm already saving for & dreaming about the next session.

14 June 2012


Uniqlo +J navy jacket, Intimissimi cipria top, COS navy wide leg trousers
Marni for H&M necklace, Repetto patent blue Richelieu Nicolai, Bensimon clutch

I borrowed the title of this post from Sarah Mower who, in the June issue of Vogue US, explains how trousers will be stealing the show this fall. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago and I was very pleased when I realised that I was unknowingly following what the journalist describes as the FW 2012 guiding rule for pants: "The devil's in the hemline [...] Whatever the trouser, the new thing is a bared ankle and a showcased shoe". I like the combo and I'm happy to apply this fashion rule without having to wait for next autumn.

10 June 2012


I'm off to Paris again. I'm not complaining, but this time I go for work, so window shopping does not seem to be an option considering the agenda of my meetings (sigh). I'll be back to 'normal blogging' half way through  the week, but I hope to share some glimpse of Paris with you on Twitter @njaprettydress and Instagram @notjustaprettydress. À bientôt!

06 June 2012


Bettina hat, H&M Conscious Collection top, Les Précieuses necklace
 Uniqlo navy trousers, YSL Downtown raffia bag

These pictures were taken by my dad during our day at the Roland Garros. Straw hats have always been the leitmotiv of my summers (and this could happen again if the warm season decides to grace us for more than 10 minutes this year). The hat I'm wearing here is by Bettina, a small Italian millinery house based in Florence, which I highly recommend for the class and originality of its designs. The website does not do justice to the label, but if you happen to be in Paris, I give you another reason to go to Le Bon Marché: there you will find a great selection of Bettina's creations.

04 June 2012


Thanks to my beautiful birthday present, I'm discovering the wonders of Instagram and basically I cannot stop playing with it. Mr. NJAPD regretted the day he decided to go for an iPhone when, while in Paris, I started documenting all our meals. If you are curious, you can follow me at @notjustaprettydress!

01 June 2012


In case you were wondering, this is what I wore for my birthday (thank you once again for the kind wishes!). The firt time Mr. NJAPD saw this dress he thought it to be part of a capsule collaboration between H&M and Nelson Mandela's shirtmaker. What can I say? My posts would be really boring without his opinionated contributions.

Marni for H&M silk dress, Celine Audrey sunglasses
 Balenciaga Part Time green, Roger Vivier purple patent leather flats