27 August 2012


I could not find a better title to talk about two of my summer favourite beauty products: RODIN's Olio Russo Lip Balm and RoC's Tan Prolonging Lotion. RODIN has now reached the status of ‘cult label’ thanks to the praises received by fashion & beauty insiders like Into the Gloss, and many make-up artists say there is nothing better than its Luxury Face Oil to prep the models’ skin during fashion weeks or shootings. What attracted me to this brand is the fact that they only have six products, they are completely natural and based on a blend of essential oils. When I tried the Lip Balm it was love at first touch (it is a great moisturiser and it can perfectly replace a fresh pink gloss) and at first sight (the packaging is so beautiful that I was almost sorry to use it!). This little beauty is quite pricey, but considering that it can last almost six months, I keep indulging in it. 

Regarding the RoC's Tan Prolonging Lotion, I  think this is one of RoC's best kept secrets: I have been using it for many years and not only as a great after sun lotion. I use it as an alternative of my regular body lotion (Kiehl’s Creme de Corps) for at least a month after I come back from my holidays to keep my skin looking healthy and nicely tan. I would like to stress that this is not a self-tan product, so you will not have unpleasant surprises with its application: the cream absorbs immediately leaving the skin soft and hydrated. I know that with the September issues on the newsstand, we feel that the summer is almost over, but if am decided to post a something summery at least one per week...Hope you will like it!

20 August 2012


Wearing: Just In Case skirt, COS off-white layered ribbon top (currently available on sale in acid yellow here and in black here), Pierre Hardy for GAP sandals (similar here), YSL Downtown raffia bag, CÉLINE Audrey sunglasses

I'm back from my hometown Orvieto, where I enjoyed a few days off with family, friends and a lot of food. Every time I go there, I always pay visit to my favourite shops: Spazio Manassei Gioielli, the laboratory of Monica Coscioni's beautiful jewels introduced in a previous post, and Menabò (12-14 Vicolo del Popolo), a small store where you can find an amazing selection of objects to decorate your home.

Federica, the owner of Menabò, has created a space that offers an original selection of Italian and international designs: from Tivoli Radio to Himla fabrics, from niche accessory labels like PERMIRRA to some 'modern' classics such as Diamantini & Domeniconi and Rosendhal.

One of the things I like the most about this lovely shop is the fact that you can always find some unusual pieces, like this Alife Design's Bangle Language, which my brother kindly gave me in view of my upcoming Asian trip. My mom rightly pointed out that it is currently missing a couple signs which I do consider 'essential': clothes & fashion accessories.

I must say this is true, but I have already tried to address the problem by using my nail file to carve the Chanel logo on my new bangle. Happy to help Alife Design to create a special edition for fashion addicted travellers.

17 August 2012


There is not better way to conclude another crazy week at work than booking the plane tickets for my September holiday: I will go to Shanghai and Seoul! Regarding  the first city, a dear friend of mine who recently moved there has already been charged with the task of compiling a list of places that can be worth a post (and I'm sure she will do a great job, no pressure querida!); while for the Korean part of my trip, I'm in desperate need of help. Any suggestions for places to visit, eat and shop as well as designers/independent labels to discover would be more than welcomed. Thank you in advance for your help and I wish you a great week-end!

PS: In case you are wondering how this picture does relate to the post, it is not that I arranged the stars of the necklace in the manner of the most visible constellation in the mid-September Seoul sky...More simply, it is the only piece in my wardrobe that is actually from a Korean designer, courtesy of Anaïm, a small Korean boutique in the heart of Les Marais, discovered during a trip to Paris. I hope that, thanks to this trip, I will be able to bring home many 'friends' for this lovely necklace.

12 August 2012


Wearing: COS white cotton top (similiar here), Marni for H&M necklaces, Superdry pump attendant jeans (similar here), CÉLINE Horizontal Gusset Cabas bag in Royal Blue, Veja SPMA in Anthracite

How are you doing? I enjoyed one of the sunniest week-end of this weird Belgian summer, wandering through the empty street of the city, catching up with friends at Gaudron (a favourite spot for brunch in Brussels), checking the great sales at AXL store and resisting to the purchase of this Philippe Audibert bracelet. If you happen to be in Brussels, I would strongly recommend you have a look at this small boutique (1 rue Léon Lepage) as all clothes are 70% off and accessories at 50%. I wish you a nice Sunday evening!

08 August 2012


Wearing: Uniqlo +J navy wool cardigan (similar here), Petit Bateau white cotton top (similar here), The Fushigi Shop "Jane Austen was right!" necklace, GAP blue and white stripe trousers, Freed of London Union shoes, CÉLINE Horizontal Gusset Cabas bag in Royal Blue, CÉLINE Audrey sunglasses

Have I been carried away by the Olympics spirits? Most certainly yes, as usual with this kind of events. If you haven't been following my random Olympic thoughts on Twitter or seen the pictures of my London week-end on Instagram, the purchase of this Freed of London shoes from The British Collection is the ultimate confirmation. The New York Times liked them. Other friends were more perplexed. For me, they were love at first sight.

05 August 2012


When Yasumi at Worship at the House of Blues decided to work full time at the creation of her line of handmade pieces, I knew I would have spent a lot of time staring at the beautiful, virtual windows of The Fushigi Shop. There, you can find an original selection of costume jewelry, small decor objects for your home, re-worked & vintage clothes and other wonderful oddments. Yasumi's delicate aesthetics and her care for making every object (and its packaging!) so beautiful, have made The Fushigi Shop a favourite shopping destination if I'm looking for a special present for myself for my dear ones.

You may know that I'm a big fan of Jane Austen and of costume jewelry, so when Yasumi created the necklace 'Jane Austen was right' I decided to buy it the very first minute it was available! I also asked Yasumi to create bespoke bracelets and when she presented me the 'Caterina's Constellations', I thoughts it was the loveliest friendship bracelets I've ever seen. This independent label is a secret worth sharing and I hope you will enjoy her Fushigi world of wonder, marvel and curiosity as much as I do.

 Image source for 'Caterina's Constellations': Yasumi at The Fushigi Shop

01 August 2012


First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the kind comments in my last posts and I promise I will visit your blogs as soon as possible. I'm back from one week in sunny Italy and a wonderful Olympic week-end in London. You can imagine that I'm currently suffering from massive post-holidays blues. On my way back from work under a grey sky, I felt some sensible mood uplifting. Only later I realised the connection between my sudden brightening and my passing by a window with a big sale sign on it. So, to find a remedy to my gloomy state, it seems that I will have to do some 'retail therapy'. Believe it or not, I only bought two things during my trips: the very fashionable Cruciani bracelets, which decorate the wrists of almost any Italian girls, and the Freed of London's Union shoes, to show my happiness for attending the London 2012 and my unconditional love to this city. Anyway, my summer sale desire has not been placated. What is 'haunting' me at the moment?

Yes, this beautiful 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel in 'Polished White' at 70% off. What is stopping me? Despite Susie Lau's brilliant piece on wearing all-white, I've never had an immaculate bag: I tend to see it as a summer item (OK, I know that the Milk Pashli Satchel will be a hit for the FW, but still...) and as very 'high maintenance'. The object of my desire is available just around the corner from where I live, causing me a daily debate with my conscience. I have alrealy obsessed consulted family, best friends and the adorable Sof from Modediktat, so why not sharing the 'pain' with the rest of my digital friends? If you don't see this white beauty in the next post, it means that I managed to behave.